Thursday, September 2, 2010

Midnight Run

Big thanks to all you guys that are following me.  This one is for you!  I was gonna post it tommorow on my DA page, but I figured why not let you guys get first dibs.  I was inspired to draw the dynamic duo when I read this article, SPOILER ALERT  I gotta say I really love this dynamic duo team.  And I totally picture them running around on the Gotham city rooftops all ninja style.  When I drew this I was going for that whole Naruto ninja run, where they lean forward and their arms are at their sides.  This looks cool to me, and when the WB, eventually does this story arc in animated form, I hope they animate them looking like ninjas, doing crazy parkour on rooftops.  Just look at old Gatchaman episodes, it could be really cool!

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