Monday, January 31, 2011

Fire my costume designer

Seriously, Power Girl has GOT to fire her costume designer...

I mean C"MON!!!

Quick drawing for the mid afternoon . Happy "cheeky" Monday!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I bet this happens ALL the time

It's probably why she changed her costume.
Working late at the studio, thought I woud do a quick sketch just for fun.
Hope you guys like.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


As I mentioned in my last post I am planning on revisiting a concept I created back in high school.  Way back in 1987!  This is my super hero group, the ENFORCEMEN.  This is a quick sketch of the Enforcemen line-up.  This in not the final designs, just a quick rough sketch to get down the feel of what I was going for.  I really wanted to keep the essence of what I was trying to acheive back then.  So mostly what I did was really just update the look of each character.
Starting from the top left, the Enforcemen officer remains essentially untouched.  I always pictured them as high tech SWAT team type in full body armor.  I changed the look of the 4 armed alien, the concept now is that the alien is in the Robot Armor.  He is still 4 armed, I just felt he needed to look more bad ass.  The old version looked dated to me, especially with his leather outfit and the spiked arm brace. The character on the top left is the leader of the group and I tried to keep the look fairly the same.  He still has the short hair and badge on his left side of his chest. Again, just an updated look.
Now to the group on the bottom.  Starting from the left, this guy remains fairly the same.  I always intended to give him this camouflage outfit, so it's just updated.  The women were them main fixes.  Because, the old outfits just wasn't going to work now.  Especially the mini skirt and cleavage revealing leather outfits.  They gotta go.  Now they have body armor that protects their whole body.  And I tried to make one of the women more statuesque and model type compared to the cuter girl with the short hair.  Finally, the bad ass of the group. My original drawing was the guy with the spikes coming out of his costume.  This was my attempt to create my version of Wolverine.  Since I don't want to go that route again, I decided to make him have a different power altogether.  But he still is the bad ass of the group and still is the Martial artist that you wouldn't want to make angry.
I'll continue to post artwork updates whenever I can.  Take care guys and talk to you later!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Before there was Alcatraz High or 4 Gun Conclusion, there was the Enforcemen.  This was my super hero group that I created when I was in high school.  The date on the corner is December 1987!  So this is truely a blast from the past.  It was drawn with my first set of Rapidograph technical pens, which was a gift from my girlfriend.  And as you can see I went absolutely nuts with it.  I remember bringing this piece to the San Diego Comic Con 1988 and it was my main portfolio piece at the time.  I still remember getting astounded reactions, one in particular was " Wow kid, you got alot of time!" and he was right, what else was I gonna do,  I had NO CAR, so all I did was draw and this was my favorite piece I did at the time.

Looking at this piece, I am inspired by the amount of detail and the epic scope of the world.  Not bad for a high school kid.  I'm inspired to bring them back,  I have story that I have been working on that would be perfect for them.  In the months leading to Comic Con 2011,  I will post updated designs.  It's time to reboot the ENFORCEMEN and you guys have a peek into their very first incarnation.