Friday, September 16, 2011

ScarJo Black Widow

Here's a drawing I did of Scarlett Johansson kicking ass as the Black Widow in Avengers!  Looking forward to seeing that movie!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Gentlemen's Drawing Club

Hey guys, here is some drawings I did of Kate Upton for the new blog:  The Gentlemen's Drawing Club
It's a blog I started with my buddy Howard Shum, where we would draw a new model of the month.  We do silly reviews and just basicly have fun.  Everyone is invited to join in, if you got the time, feel free to do a drawing and send us a comment!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Here is the Gainax Charity book that Gainax animators, Avatar the Last Airbender artists and Pixar artists (including myself) have participated in!

Here is some more info:

Product Description

This book was published due to a collaboration of animators, illustrators, artists, and creators from both Japan and the United States to give courage, hope, and belief to the people of Japan following the Great East Japan Earthquake. All illustrations were specifically drawn for this book.

Participating artists:
SUSHIO / Hiroyuki Imaishi / Shingo Abe / Akira Amemiya / Kei Anjiki / Syouta Ibata / Shota Iwasaki / Ikuo Kuwana / Keisuke Kojima / Hirokazu Kojima / Nozomi Goto / Sorato Shimizu / Yuka Shibata / Yusuke Tanaka / Hiromi Taniguchi / Hiroaki Tomita / Shouko Nakagawa / Atsushi Nishigori / Hitomi Hasegawa / Akemi Hayashi / Syuhei Handa / Tatsumi Fujii / Ryouji Masuyama / Hiroki Mutaguchi / Yusuke Yoshigaki / Mai Yoneyama / Keisuke Watanabe / Bobby Rubio / Dean Kelly / Grant Alexander / Kenji Ono / Kihyun Ryu / Lauren Montgomery / Michael Chang / Seung-Hyun Oh / Bryan Konietzko / Elsa Garagarza / Ethan Spaulding / Ian Graham / Joaquim Dos Santos

Foreword by Masahiko Otsuka

All profits from the sales of this book will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society. This book was published due to volunteer work of anime staff with the consent of Gurren Lagann Committee and GAINAX Company, Limited. The Gurren Lagann Committee and GAINAX Company, Limited are not responsible for the publication and sales of this book.

I realize not everyone owns a Kindle, so as soon as I find out about availability outside of the Kindle, I will pass along the news!

***UPDATE*** Here is a link for a Kindle app that allows you to view the book on iPhones, Macs, Blackberry, Android, other gadgets and computers: