Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gainax Charity Book

Japanese Animation Studio Gainax ( Gurren Lagann, FLCL, Evangelion ) made a Charity Book to benefit the people who where affected by the earthquake in Japan.  Proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.  Here is a link to the Gainax Charity Book website:

I love Japan and always wanted to visit.  I was shocked to see the devestation caused by the earthquakes and tsunami.  I was concerned about my friends in Japan and I prayed for their safety.  Fortunately, they were fine, but many were affected by the disasters.

Since Gainax has come to visit Pixar, I have remained in contact with them.  Gainax immediately wanted to put together a Charity Book.  I was asked to be a part of the book.  I was honored to be a part of this amazing cause.  They told me that the theme of the book was Gurren Lagann and I knew I wanted to draw something that was a mash-up of Gainax and Pixar.  So I did this drawing of the Gurren Lagann characters dressed up like superheroes.  I also wanted to draw something that was uplifting and to me, superheroes have always been uplifting.

One of the cool things that happened was I was asked to invite some friends to participate in the book, so I asked guys who I knew loved Gainax and it sort of became a mini Avatar the Last Airbender reunion.  Its cool because we are all split in different studios, Pixar, Nickelodeon and Warner Brothers.  Here is a list of the guys who participated: Dean Kelly, Grant Alexander, Kenji Ono, Kihyun Ryu, Lauren Montgomery, Michael Chang, Seung-Hyun Oh, Bryan Konietzko, Elsa Garagarza, Ethan Spaulding, Ian Graham and Joaquim Dos Santos.  I want to thank these guys for helping out!

I will try to get more information on how to get the book in the U.S.  In the meantime if you would like to help, please donate to the Red Cross:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Go Go Clone Troopers!

Okay, don't get me wrong.  I love Star Wars, in fact, I've been collecting the figures by Sideshow Collectibles.  I've got Luke, Han, Leia, Ben Kenobi (old one) and I'm waiting for Chewie.  Last year Sideshow made a Red Trooper and the year before that the Blue Trooper, and this year it's the Yellow Trooper! Now,  I'm sure there is a bunch of Trooper fans that are stoked, I'm just saying "Where is Chewie?!! D@mmit, WHERE IS CHEWIE?!!"  Okay, enough nerd rage.

Have a Morphin Monday guys!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break!!!

Yes it is SPRING BREAK!!! for my kids.
No Spring Break for me, I gotta work.  But if I could take a break, I would be back home in San Diego.  Chilling.  
Here's a drawing of my character Hector and his friend, I haven't thought her name... wait... I got it... Tori Pines. ( yeah, just a little homesick.)
They are sitting on his custom Import car.  I have an idea for a story, I just gotta find some time to do it.
Oh San Diego... I will be coming home soon!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ignacio Cruz and the Road of Doom

It's Filipino Friday and this is Ignacio Cruz, the freshest Filipino adventurer from the 1970's.  "Iggy" as he was called by his close friends was a very cool and groovy guy who was the people's champion.  He protected the people from the supernatural beings on the Islands.

Happy Friday (afternoon) everybody!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mr. Eternia

Here is a little piece of history.  Back in 1975 there was this bodybuilding contest for Mr. Eternia.  It was an epic battle between up-and-comer, He-Man and the reigning champion, Skeletor.  Skeletor won the contest, left Eternia and became a huge action star.  He-man became a tv star and can be seen at comic conventions all across the country.  Anyways, here's a drawing of a simpler time, when our heroes were super, super pumped up!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Fantastic Four

Picked up FF#1 last week and I was pleasantly surprised.  I like the direction that Jonathan Hickman and the art team is taking the characters.  It feels right, I even like the addition of Spider-man to the team, because it feels like a natural progression to Peter Parker's character.  Pete is a scientist and I am happy to see that he is finally becoming one.

Anyways, I wanted to draw my favorite Fantastic Four line-up.  This is the group that John Byrne had drawn and Byrne's run on the title was one of the best runs on that book.  I'm a bit sad that the Fantastic Four book is done, but I am happy that the new FF (The Future Foundation) book is pushing the characters in a new direction!

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!