Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break!!!

Yes it is SPRING BREAK!!! for my kids.
No Spring Break for me, I gotta work.  But if I could take a break, I would be back home in San Diego.  Chilling.  
Here's a drawing of my character Hector and his friend, I haven't thought her name... wait... I got it... Tori Pines. ( yeah, just a little homesick.)
They are sitting on his custom Import car.  I have an idea for a story, I just gotta find some time to do it.
Oh San Diego... I will be coming home soon!


  1. Love the custom import car!
    if this is for a comic then I'll definitely buy a copy!

  2. Totally love your drawing style. This pic would be an awesome concept for a video game somewhere between Sam and Max and Ratchet and Clank. Some sort of crime fighting action loving private investigators that are a bit goofy and mess up, but can still kick ass when needed to.

    Yeah, that's my afternoon of daydreaming sorted...

  3. Thanks guys! It's always nice to know my own personal stuff is apprecaiated as well.