Friday, April 1, 2011

The Fantastic Four

Picked up FF#1 last week and I was pleasantly surprised.  I like the direction that Jonathan Hickman and the art team is taking the characters.  It feels right, I even like the addition of Spider-man to the team, because it feels like a natural progression to Peter Parker's character.  Pete is a scientist and I am happy to see that he is finally becoming one.

Anyways, I wanted to draw my favorite Fantastic Four line-up.  This is the group that John Byrne had drawn and Byrne's run on the title was one of the best runs on that book.  I'm a bit sad that the Fantastic Four book is done, but I am happy that the new FF (The Future Foundation) book is pushing the characters in a new direction!

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!


  1. Wow. That looks amazing. Reed with the pipe make me think of Mr. Impossible.

  2. Thanks Ken! You know I could have sworn I saw a Kirby drawing of Mr. Fantastic smoking a pipe. But maybe it was just Mr. Impossible.

    Oh wait, I was right. Just google "reed richards pipe". Warning NSFW!!!

  3. This is a great shot of this line-up. I thank you for taking me back to when I read that Byrne run of FF. Some of my favorite comics of ALL TIME. I'd love to see you draw a mini-series of them in this era. Aaaaah, to dream. Anyway, great job!

  4. Your welcome Matt! The Byrne run was my favorite too!