Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ellen Aim Rocks!

A couple weeks ago I had read that the amazing Diane Lane was cast as Martha Kent in the new Superman movie...

What a serious upgrade!  Zack Snyder you've got me, I'm on board.

I have had a crush on Diane Lane since I was a kid when I saw her on "Streets of Fire" playing Ellen Aim.
She's a fantastic actress and I'm looking forward to seeing her portrayal of Superman's mom.  I'm really curious as to who they are going to get to play Lois, because Diane is a stunner and it will be a shame if Martha Kent is hotter than Lois Lane.

On another note, please donate what you can to help in Japan's emergency relief,
Red Cross is accepting donations online online or via text message. Simply text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone.  Thanks!


  1. Dude! Streets of Fire! There's something really cool about that film. It was supposed to be a trilogy, what adventures would Tom Cody and Ellen Aim and the attackers have? More 80's goodness.'A rock and roll fable"...Priceless!

  2. Are you serious E? Damn, A Streets of Fire trilogy would have been sweet! They totally left it open to be a trilogy.

  3. Man, if I had bank and crazy connections on Broadway, I would totally try to turn Streets of Fire into a show.

    I think it would be better than the Spiderman musical.

    Yes, I said it!

  4. OMG Streets of Fire! Dude!! I love that movie and to be honest....I have the sound track on my iPod. And a Streets of Fire Broadway show would be amazing! And here I thought I was the only one.

  5. I adore Streets of Fire! Baddxf, that movie was and is awesome!

  6. Streets of Fire has one of the most amazing soundtracks of the eighties, that'll be enough to consider it a classic, but then Diane Lane as Ellen Aim makes it an instant cult classic. Absolutely mythical.