Saturday, May 26, 2012

Which Alcatraz High Cover Design do you like?

Alright, it's Cover Design time for Alcatraz High #5!

This time I wanted to do a wrap around cover. So, I did these really quick and rough sketches to get the ideas down and get them in front of you guys as soon as possible.  I'm running out of time, so I gotta choose one of them to tie down and do the finished product.  SO, which design do you guys like?

Cover A. The Reveal. With the Mech Robots chasing the main characters.

Cover B.  Sexy Time.  With the Football Mech holding a cheerleader and the main characters.

Cover C.  Blockbuster.  With the Mech Robots and our main characters surrounded.

So which one is getting your vote?  Thanks guys for your votes, critiques and input!


  1. Cover C That's very Awesome.!!!

  2. Can I say all three? Haha, but since I gotta pick one I'm gonna vote for Cover C, The Blockbuster!

  3. I like A. I like the more minimalist approach to the front cover with A. The title hits me first and then I see the characters running which would then make me turn the cover and BAM see all the giant robots. Kind of feels like an opening to a movie, Title, pan down to characters running, reveal Giant robots chasing characters.

    I do love the cover image for B, I'm just not really feeling the placement of the title in that one.

    I would have loved to have seen some characters HIGH FIVE-ing somewhere.

  4. Id say cover A for first choice then B for second

  5. All of them are cool, tho I like cover A more. it creates intrigue.

  6. I'm probably really late in answering this.. but well.. LOL
    I would go with the A or C, tough all three are really cool.
    A has more of a fun and clean style..but C is really kickass..whih makes it a hard choice.
    Taking the chance, I'd like to congratulate you! Cool blog and awesome drawings. It is quite a relax time to check it when i'm at work LOL.
    Not sure if you understood it all.. I'm not such of a english speaker..