Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Working on Alcatraz High#5!

I know...

It's been a while since I have posted anything on my blog...

Well, I've been busy at work and trying to get my @ss back in gear to finish up Alcatraz High#5!

On the left is the layouts, completely done (30 pages of awesome!)
On the right is the character drawings.  I tend to draw a character pass first and do a background pass later... I know it's kinda like having dessert first, but hey, whatever it takes to get this comic done!


  1. This gave me a nice insight into roughs and cleanups...

  2. Looks awesome Bobby! inking the characters first is what all the manga artists do too! It's a great idea, love the paper you have with the bullet points and grayscale!

  3. Hey Bobby, I just found your blog through watching your Stunt Mater pitch on youtube. It was hillarious! I loved it. I wanted to ask, why do you ink the character only and this as your first step? Is this your first step in inking?

  4. @Tung, Thanks!
    @E, thanks man! I wish I had an assistant that did all the backgrounds, like those manga artists.
    And for some reason, our copier prints them out with bullet points and grayscales... I had nothing to do with that.
    @Geeo, Thanks for your interst and the compliment.
    Actually, this was all done in photoshop, so it is completely digital. What you see are the print outs. So absolutely no inking was involved.