Monday, February 14, 2011

Hiya doll! Wanna piece of fruit?

Time to Kick Ass eh!

So I was watching the Fedor vs. Silva fight on Strikeforce this past weekend and I was inspired to do a piece that was bad ass and vicious.  Keeping with the superhero theme I decided to draw one of the most brutal confrontations in comic history, the very first appearance of Wolverine when he fought the Hulk.  I wanted to depict the meeting almost like a MMA match, with the fighters looking like they been through hell.  Their faces are smashed and bruised.  I drew Hulks eye shut, kinda like Fedor's at the end of the fight. I drew Wolverine's face, just as bashed, his cheek is all swollen. I understand that they have healing powers, but I figured that in this battle, they wouldn't recuperate quickly.  In my mind neither opponent would heal up for weeks, maybe months.  That is how epic this battle would be.

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