Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Before there was Alcatraz High or 4 Gun Conclusion, there was the Enforcemen.  This was my super hero group that I created when I was in high school.  The date on the corner is December 1987!  So this is truely a blast from the past.  It was drawn with my first set of Rapidograph technical pens, which was a gift from my girlfriend.  And as you can see I went absolutely nuts with it.  I remember bringing this piece to the San Diego Comic Con 1988 and it was my main portfolio piece at the time.  I still remember getting astounded reactions, one in particular was " Wow kid, you got alot of time!" and he was right, what else was I gonna do,  I had NO CAR, so all I did was draw and this was my favorite piece I did at the time.

Looking at this piece, I am inspired by the amount of detail and the epic scope of the world.  Not bad for a high school kid.  I'm inspired to bring them back,  I have story that I have been working on that would be perfect for them.  In the months leading to Comic Con 2011,  I will post updated designs.  It's time to reboot the ENFORCEMEN and you guys have a peek into their very first incarnation.

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